Vine Street Stories [+ Afterword EP]


1 Come On
2 Sun Beat Down
3 Don’t Wait Another Day
4 You Stay Out Of Your Life
5 Suddenly Cold
6 Screaming Inside
7 Turn It On
8 If I Swagger
9 Those Aren’t Real Tears
10 Beautiful Chain
11 Pleasure & Overdose
12 Bent
13 Makes Me Wanna Fly

Trevor Reekie and I roped in the brilliant Nigel Stone to produce and record this album at my house in Vine Street Auckland. Nigel brought his amazing portable studio set-up and I rented a 9 foot grand piano for the lounge.
For two weeks we had a drum-kit in the kitchen. My flatmates were not impressed although old friend and then flatmate James Holt made two amazing videos for “Don’t Wait Another Day” and “Come On”. Another old pal Paul Casserly made a beautiful dark clip for “If I Swagger” which we filmed in London and the 96 New York blizzard..
In all, six videos were made for tracks from this album. We had a really good time making Vine Street. More than 150 bottles of Red wine alone were consumed in the month or so we recorded…and we mostly drank Vodka!
Best Pop: Don’t Wait Another Day
Dark Horses: If I Swagger, Suddenly Cold

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