The Watertable

The watertable cover
1 Strange
2 Time We Flew
3 Everything Spins
4 Postcard
5 Human Race
6 Home Alone
7 Mysterious Gap
8 Ants In the Grass
9  Searching For Atlantis
10 The Water table
11 Josephinel
12 In The Can

My Dad lent me two grand for this album, my first, released on Pagan Records. We recorded most of it at the Old Lab in Symonds street, some of it at the tiny Campus Radio ala BFM studio in Auckland (where we all hung out and pretended to work, but mostly just partied) and the last two songs “Josephine” and “In the Can” we recorded at Airforce studios on Christmas day 1990 because it was the only day we could afford that then salubrious facility.
Bungalow Bill, owner of the Lab studio, had his music shop in front and he used to feel the tape machines in the morning to see if they were still hot. They usually were, we worked all night in those days til 8 or 9 in the morning. It was a cool studio. Not the best gear by any means but by far the best vibe, dark slightly sleazy back-street tone, cold, low lights..
“Strange” was my first 7 inch vinyl single, (I’d done an ep as This Boy Rob) and it was recorded and produced by our mate from BFM Mark Tierney. The wonderful Terry Moore from the Chills recorded and produced the rest in consultation with Trevor Reekie and myself.
Best Pop: Strange
Dark Horse: Home Alone

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