Seven Day Cure

Seven Day Cure Cover

1. I Got Opinions
2. Yesterday and Today
3. Looking Out On Monday
4. Say Hello To The Old Town
5. Golden Stairs
6. Come Home
7. Overly Susceptible
8. Bulldozer
9. Even When
10. Tennessee Train
11. I Remember Sunshine
12. Highlights

Greg Johnson -Vocal, Piano, Guitar, Trumpet, Percussion
Ted Brown Backing Vocals , Guitar
Sid Jordan – Bass
Wayne Bell – Drums
Mark Hughes – Bass
Malcolm Cross – Drums
Simon Petty – Acoustic Guitar
Mozella -Vocals on ‘Golden Stairs’
Jeff Young -B3 Organ
Cynthia French – Backing Vocals
Pierre Martin – Strings
Keli Johnson – Backing Vocals

Recorded in Los Angeles and Auckland and featuring the usual suspects as well as one or two others, notably Simon Petty and Sid Jordan of UK band Minibar.
The promoton for this album included a visit to Los Angeles for some lucky fans and Wayne Bell and I performed a concert on an Air New Zealand 747 somewhere over the Pacific ocean.Famed mix engineer Mark Needham mixed a couple of tracks at The Ballroom. My wife Kelli took the photos for the album down around the Santa Monica Pier.
Best Pop: Looking Out On Monday
Dark Horse: Highlights - an exact description of the afternoon scene from my small apartment.

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