Secret Weapon


1. Old Revolutions
2. Admit You’ve Changed
3. Royal Me
4. Indian Summer
5. Another Rainy Day
6. Maori King
7. Faded Book
8. Running Water
9. Fall On Your Feet
10. The Way I Feel
11. Hummingbird
12. No Weapons In The Bar


Produced by yours truly and the first wholly fan funded album made out of New Zealand and US. Fans pre-ordered the album and various packages allowing us to bypass the old Record company system completely.Recorded mostly in my small studio with various excursions to bigger rooms for drums etc.Features Maori King a story about a drive I made to Coromandel Peninsular one summer.
In line with the indie vibe on this one, longtime friend and artist Andrew B White took the photos with his then very new iphone app Hipstamatic.Indian Musician Tajdar Junaid played on the track Hummingbird and we were featured in an article in The Hindustan Times.
Best Pop: Admit You’ve Changed
Dark Horse: Another Rainy Day

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