Everyday Distortions


1 Baby
2 Isabelle
3 Sleeping Hours
4 Talk In This Town
5 True Grit
6 Cos I Wanted To
7 Two Feet Off The Ground
8 Seventh Deadly Sin
9 Home Sweet Home
10 When Love Gets Out Of This Asylum
11 Both Hands On The Rail
12 Letting Off Steam
13 End

We had my first hit with “Isabelle” at radio and no album ready to put out so we grabbed what we had lying around and recorded some extra tracks in a hurry. Dianne Swann sang on “Sleeping Hour” and we had at least three great drummers on this album.. Willis Beckett, Brent Maharey and Mike Burrows..
“Letting Off Steam” was a real live favourite at the time and the recording reflects that intensity quite nicely. It’s essentially a compilation album of my writing and band line-ups in those couple of years round 91/92.
Best Pop: Isabelle
Dark Horses: True Grit , Seventh Deadly Sin (a true story, verbatim)

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